Frequently Asked Questions

About the Brand/Products

Breastfeeding for Busy Moms (BFBM) is an inclusive, evidence-based, lactation resource for busy parents who prefer to learn about breastfeeding in a self-paced online format. BFBM currently has two online breastfeeding classes available and one downloadable breastfeeding handbook as resources for parents. All classes are video modules taught by a Certified Nurse-Midwife/IBCLC (Heather ONeal) with no homework!

The Breastfeeding Basics Class

This class is geared towards partners learning together in order to breastfeed as a team. This class covers all the basics including: keeping up supply, normal poops & pees, positioning, maneuvers, getting a good latch, helpful partners, and an intro to pumping. Most importantly, this class cuts through the mountains of BS surrounding breastfeeding and empowers parents to nourish their baby on their terms.

feed your baby university

Feed Your Baby University

This is my signature class that has everything a parent could ever need when it comes to feeding their baby. This soup-to-nuts class covers everything from pregnancy, through labor and delivery, all the way to weaning. We cover troubleshooting feeding challenges, introducing solid foods, navigating a NICU stay, and nursing behavior issues! I mean…. It has it all. However, in order to keep it from being overwhelming, all modules are easily searchable and broken up by topic. It’s meant to be used as a resource that you can always go back to.

The Breastfeeding for Busy Moms Handbook

This is a great downloadable ebook that parents can print out and take with them to the hospital for delivery or keep on their nightstand for emergencies. It’s a great supplemental resource to either breastfeeding class and is packed full of my expert tips. It even has checklists for parents to utilize in order to simplify their lives!

About the Campaign

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How to Share

How you share is up to you- Instagram stories, Instagram feed post/reels, TikTok, YouTube…whatever! All we ask is that you share your natural and authentic opinion about the classes.

Posting Guidelines

None. There are no specific requirements for your posts other than to be kind and inclusive towards others. Please tag @breastfeeding_for_busy_moms when you share. You will get a unique URL link (automatic with sign up) and promo code (upon request) to share with your audience.

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