woman taking a digital breastfeeding class

4 Ways a Digital Breastfeeding Class Can Help You

Our culture sends messages that make new parents question their self-worth, and a digital breastfeeding class can help you combat that doubtful voice inside. Many new parents tend to live on a slippery slope of anxiety, frequently wondering, “Am I enough to feed this baby?” Spoiler alert: You are! Here are 4 ways a digital …

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successfully breastfeeding after a boob job

Successful Breastfeeding After Breast Implants!

The story of successful breastfeeding after breast implants begins long ago. My tumultuous relationship with my breasts started when I was 9 years old. I hadn’t even entered puberty, but I was already planning to get breast implants and wake up one day with the boobs of my dreams. Yes, it is very sad that …

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Dairy-free mom with baby

Eliminating Dairy While Breastfeeding

In health care, we talk a lot about what’s normal and what’s not. Normally, most breastfeeding parents can eat whatever they like in any amount, whenever they want. Most babies tolerate their parent’s breastmilk just fine. So, why does it seem like people are eliminating dairy all the time while breastfeeding?  Also, many young babies …

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