Heather's Heart
hey there!
Welcome to BFBM.

Your hub for lactation consults, non-boring education, and powerful community

Heather's Heart
hey there!
Welcome to BFBM

Your hub for lactation consults, non-boring education, and powerful community

Our Services


Lactation consults offered virtually, in-office, or in-home if appropriate. Full service postpartum bliss package offered for those that need extra help in the first two-weeks postpartum. Some insurance accepted. Click below to schedule your consult with one of our IBCLCs today!


Online breastfeeding classes available anytime you need them and various in-person classes on newborn care, childbirth, and special workshops available. Keep in mind that some insurance will cover prenatal breastfeeding consultations. See consult page for details. 

New episode every Friday!


We believe no one gets through parenthood and lactation alone. You deserve to have a supportive community and access to social support whenever you need it. BFBM offers a weekly postpartum support club in person at the office where you can bring your baby and meet other parents. Space is limited and registration is required. We also have a Facebook Support Group that you are welcome to join and chat with other parents about your breastfeeding struggles. Finally, we offer a free educational resource in the Milk Minute Podcast, which publishes an episode every Friday on every platform where you listen.

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I was definitely one of those women who measured my worth as a mother on my ability to exclusively breastfeed my baby or not. It was overwhelming. Heather has been a big help in keeping me relaxed, and I feel like I have a place to go to find real solutions and support.

-Lindsey K.

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