This baby is changing so fast!

You CAN make it to 1-year of breastfeeding... and you don't have to pump all night to make it happen!

Spend time enjoying your growing baby instead of scouring the internet for free advice on teething, starting solids, and pumping.

Heather ONeal, Board Certified Lactation Consultant & Nurse-Midwife, has helped thousands of stressed-out parents to have a smooth and natural breastfeeding experience.

Hey There!
(Heather here 😃) 

I’ve been creating educational breastfeeding content in the online space for years now, and I have found that parents typically ask the same questions over and over again depending on which stage of pregnancy/breastfeeding they are in. 

Instead of parents digging through my content in the Facebook group or continuing to re-direct parents to the resources that I have already created- I put together some handy resource bundles.

What's in Your Personalized Bundle?!

My exclusive “Older Baby” Resource Bundle for Busy Moms (BFBM) members is delivered to you via email over the course of 10 days. You will receive your first day of content immediately upon purchase! My emails will spice up your life and help you to navigate the changes in breastfeeding as your baby grows. Content will be a mix of video, written text, quizzes, and funny anecdotes… all evidence-based of course.

You Can Handle It:

Get 10 days of fun/hilarious/educational emails that you can keep forever to help you continue breastfeeding your older baby.

What's Holding You Back
From Making it to One Year of Breastfeeding?

Snag My “Older Baby Resource Bundle” for only $7 and stay ahead of the game even as your baby grows and changes!

Not ready to commit to my $7 bundle? That's ok! I'll see you in the Facebook Support Group 😉.​