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The Anxious Helper

Thank you for taking my Partner’s Breastfeeding Personality Quiz!

Based on your results, it seems like your partner might turn into the Anxious Helper!

I’ve used my experience as a Nurse-Midwife and IBCLC to customize the four personality types that I see most often and the challenges that come with each. There are ways to manage each personality type in order to optimize your breastfeeding journey. A little planning can prevent you from giving your partner the “pillow treatment” when they aren’t doing the right things to help!

Read below for my tips to manage your Anxious Helper ?.

Ahhhhh… the anxious helper. Not to worry, we can use this force of incredibly high-energy for good! It’s all about harnessing that energy and directing it in a way that is actually helpful for your breastfeeding journey.


In order to avoid a partner who buzzes around handing you random unhelpful things while you are wrangling a hungry baby- you are going to have to educate them prenatally. I include a list of tangible/actionable tasks that partners can do to help you breastfeed in my Breastfeeding Basics course. This list is really important for partners who are more ADD-inclined to refer back to when they are feeling “off kilter“.


If you find your partner staring at you while you are nursing and you can see their little wheels turning trying to figure out how to help you… point to the list ??.


Help them, help you!


Research shows that you are much more likely to nurse beyond 6 months of age if you have a supportive partner. Research also shows that the more a partner helps…the more they WANT to help. Oftentimes, they just don’t know how to help you in a way that works for everyone. Let me give you the resources you need to breastfeed like the dream team that you are. Click the button below to get started with my Breastfeeding Basics class!