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The Fair-Weather Fan

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Thank you for taking my Partner’s Breastfeeding Personality Quiz!

Based on your results, it seems like your partner might turn into the Fair-Weather Fan!

I’ve used my experience as a Nurse-Midwife and IBCLC to customize the four personality types that I see most often and the challenges that come with each. There are ways to manage each personality type in order to optimize your breastfeeding journey. A little planning can prevent you from giving your partner the “pillow treatment” when they aren’t doing the right things to help!

Read below for my tips to manage your Fair-Weather Fan ?.


This is the MOST COMMON personality type for any partner of a breastfeeding parent. This result can seem a “little concerning” at first, but it’s actually a very good thing!


This result indicates that your partner really cares about you and your well-being. They don’t just think of you as a “milk making machine”. Knowing that your partner has the tendency to go for the “easy fix” ahead of time is an easy fix! It’s actually a great opportunity to educate them on HOW to help you and SUPPORT you when breastfeeding takes a turn for the “difficult”.


Turn your fair-weather fan of breastfeeding into the best advocate you have on deck when times get tough. I have several tools available to help get your partner up to speed with breastfeeding.

After taking my Breastfeeding Basics course, you and your partner will be the cohesive unit you were always meant to be. I ALWAYS encourage parents to take my breastfeeding classes TOGETHER to take the pressure off of the breastfeeding parent. It’s not easy to remember information when you are sleep deprived!


Check out my Breastfeeding Basics Class by clicking the button below to get started! I promise it’s really fun and even more importantly… it’s thorough and evidence-based.