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The Gusher

Thank you for taking my Partner’s Breastfeeding Personality Quiz!

Based on your results, it seems like your partner might turn into the The Gusher!

I’ve used my experience as a Nurse-Midwife and IBCLC to customize the four personality types that I see most often and the challenges that come with each. There are ways to manage each personality type in order to optimize your breastfeeding journey. A little planning can prevent you from giving your partner the “pillow treatment” when they aren’t doing the right things to help!

Read below for my tips to manage your Gushing partner ?.

The Gusher partners are the most endearing and hilarious to watch as a breastfeeding journey unfolds. I can’t help but smile when I’m at a lactation visit where the partner is literally placing their hands over mine to help with a latch. However, there are some occasions where this might make you want to punch them in the face if you are sleep deprived and “over being touched”.


There can be many hurt feelings flying around when your partner feels that they are going above-and-beyond for you and you really just want to be left alone. The easiest way to deal with this is to avoid this situation in the first place by educating your partner on what is “actually helpful” while trying to breastfeed. Education is key!


I always include tangible/actionable tasks that partners can do to help you in my Breastfeeding Classes. I literally make a list of ways they can help you that are guaranteed not to piss you off . Including partners in your breastfeeding journey has been shown to improve breastfeeding rates past 6-months and assist with bonding for your partner and baby. Let me help you incorporate that gushing love for you in a realistic way that benefits everyone!


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