Online Classes

Get all the information you need from the comfort of your own home, in your sweatpants, on your own schedule with my online breastfeeding classes so you can do more than just “see how it goes” with breastfeeding.

This is the “whopper” of all breastfeeding courses! Great for parents who are still pregnant or early in the postpartum period.

In this soup to nuts course, we’ll cover everything in my Basics Course PLUS how to troubleshoot feeding challenges, introduce solid foods, navigate a NICU stay, prevent nursing behavior issues, AND how to wean when you’re ready. From pregnancy to weaning we’ve got your back.

If this all sounds like too much – don’t be intimidated! There’s nothing helpful about being overwhelmed, so I’ve broken up all this material into single-topic sections that are conveniently labeled so you can go back ANYTIME and get the help you need. For example: when baby starts biting your nipple you can pop right on over to the “Behavior Issues” video and learn exactly how to stop those painful chomps. This course is like having a lactation consultant on demand for busy parents!

A fun and informative class for you and a partner to learn how to breastfeed as a team!

As a Nurse-Midwife, I am BIG on discussing how to get a successful start to breastfeeding before baby even arrives – so that’s where we start. For those who already have baby at home and might be struggling, this course is for you, too!

Together we cover all the basics including: keeping up supply, normal poops & pees, positioning, maneuvers, getting a good latch, helpful partners, and an intro to pumping. Most importantly, this course cuts through the mountains of BS surrounding breastfeeding and empowers you to nourish your baby on your terms.