Feed Your Baby University

You CAN Breastfeed in a way that works for you!

Feed Your Baby University will give you all of that AND more.

Feed Your Baby University is a self-paced online class with videos from ME to get you breastfeeding with confidence! There is also an option for support beyond the videos if you need it.

I see you, because I was you.

  • I was a young mother via c-section to a 36-week-old, jaundice, hypoglycemic, fussy, little boy.

  • I experienced breast engorgement, a bad latch, supplementing, pumping, nipple injuries, lack of support, and a MESS of a postpartum period. I felt like a failure.

  • I can still remember looking at myself in the hospital bathroom mirror and thinking, “this should not be this hard… you are a smart person.”

Little did I know… sometimes shit just happens. It wasn’t my fault. I just didn’t know where to turn to fix my issues. This isn’t the experience for Feed Your Baby University Graduates.

I know why you keep pushing through

  • You’ve heard about all the great benefits of breastmilk and can’t stand the fact that your baby doesn’t get any or “enough”.
  • Your friends and family have been making snarky comments about your breastfeeding and you don’t want them to be right.
  • Formula is expensive and you feel like breastfeeding is a way you can contribute to the family while you aren’t working.
  • Dr. Google at 3am tells you that breastfeeding will prevent terrible things from happening to your baby later in life AND also tells you that your breastmilk might be causing *insert any random issue baby is having* Can you say…”confusing?”
  • You want to give your baby all the breastmilk you can before you go back to work and “lose your supply completely.”

Feed Your Baby University is the solution!

Postpartum parents are some of the most under-loved and under-appreciated groups of people in existence. As one of my students and patients in Feed Your Baby University, you will: 

  • Feel confident that your baby’s health is top-of-mind without losing yourself in the process of fixing the issue.
  • Give yourself the opportunity to solve your breast-feeding issues from the comfort of your own home.
  • Prevent yourself from having a long germy wait at an unhelpful Pediatrician’s office.
  • Provide yourself with easily accessible videos for life that you can go back to at any point in time during your breastfeeding journey.
  • Support yourself AND your partner with actionable tips to managing a smooth postpartum period.
  • See yourself through the early troubleshooting of breastfeeding, to starting solid foods, and finally through a gentle weaning process.
  • Help yourself feel confident going back to work as a breastfeeding parent.

It really is possible to have a calm, pain-free, no-panic breastfeeding journey. We got this!

My Happy Clients!

I loved this. This has been so helpful. I'm a first-time mom due in May, so I just feel like now my eyes are open to what to expect and ways to troubleshoot. I already feel prepared even though I'm very nervous and freaking out at the same time. But this was so wonderful. I loved it.

Get it, girl.

Feed Your Baby University provides you with all the evidence-based advice you need to absolutely ROCK breastfeeding.

(Skip the crappy unsolicited Facebook advice from a friend’s friend who breastfed 16 children… that’s not helpful)

Hi, I'm Heather.

I’ve helped thousands of parents achieve their breastfeeding goals without compromising their mental health or lifestyle.

Not that long ago, before I was a Certified Nurse-Midwife and Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, was a mother who struggled with breastfeeding. I honestly thought I was failing as a mother and questioned my body’s ability to provide for my baby. I suffered needlessly and yes… there was crying.

This was my belief: I have been in difficult situations before and have “hard-worked” myself out of them. So, I will just work hard at breastfeeding and it will be ok. Now, after years of work in labor and delivery, women’s health and lactation I can tell you that I was only half right. There is an element of persistence through the hard times that does require some work on your end.

However, the half that I was missing was preparation, education, and realistic expectations. I had no idea where to go or how to solve my 3-am feeding problems other than mindlessly scrolling the internet for answers. So, I got to work making this resource for you.

On a personal note, I want you to know that I had a second child vaginally (VBAC for-the-win) and had a very positive breastfeeding experience. I would rather you enjoy your breastfeeding journey rather than simply “survive” it.

So, if you came to this resource out of fear from your first bad breastfeeding experience… please know that we can change that here!

Let’s Talk Extras…

Feed Your Baby University is a self-paced 8-module video course that ALSO includes:

  • Instant access to all module videos that you keep forever.
  • A guide to my special 4-step method for maximizing pumping your output.
  • Access to a private Facebook breastfeeding support group.
  • Instant coupon for 25%-off all private lactation consults with me.

Feed Your Baby University will help you through feeding your baby, step-by-step. Here’s what you’ll get…

Module 1

Be Prepared for Success

  • Identify your unique barriers to breastfeeding.
  • Navigate these barriers with grace. Feel like the strong and capable parent you are!
  • Confidently plan on breastfeeding even if:
    • You had difficulty with your last child
    • Struggle with an unsupportive partner
    • Have a history of sexual trauma.
    • Live in a rural area without breastfeeding support
    • Need to take psychiatric medications.

Module 2

No Drama Delivery

  • An evidence-based delivery plan that makes your post-partum that much easier.
  • The simple things you can do to increase your chances of breastfeeding success.
  • What to do if you have a long labor or complicated delivery.
  • Know what to ask for when it comes to skin-to-skin and delayed cord clamping and why it matters to breastfeeding.
  • Tips on how to get the perfect first latch.
mother with newborn on her chest
holding tiny baby hand

Module 3

48 Hours & Beyond!

  • Discover the one myth about breastfeeding that makes so many mothers want to throw in the towel needlessly.
  • What most hospitals get wrong when it comes to supplementing, and how you can avoid this common pitfall.
  • Why you should avoid feeding on a schedule – and what to do instead (P.S. You will get MORE SLEEP using this method).
  • Find out the best feeding positions for your unique body, minor adjustments that make a major difference, and what positioning support tools are the BEST for your specific needs.

Module 4

Troubleshooting Common Challenges

  • Tips for preventing mental exhaustion (and not lose your mind) while breastfeeding.
  • Troubleshooting a painful latch. Everything you need to know to keep your nipples happy.
  • Relieving engorgement (breast swelling) at any point during your breastfeeding journey.
  • Special nipple shapes. No, not all nipples are the same and yes we can figure it out!
  • Tips on fixing a plugged duct FAST before it turns into mastitis.
  • How to feed your baby when your milk is “delayed” coming in.
  • Managing milk supply issues throughout breastfeeding. No need to panic!
mother with newborn on her chest
mother holds her tiny baby

Module 5

First Few Weeks & Beyond!

  • Develop realistic expectations with confidence – you can do this, and you are not alone!
  • ​Actionable things your partner can do to avoid feeling left out.
  • How to talk to your partner about helping you without feeling like a jerk.
  • ​Can you spoil a baby? Nope! How to help your warm squishy boob pillow reach it’s potential.
  • My simple algorithm for figuring out if your intruding thought that your baby is starving (let’s be honest, we all experience this) is right… and what else might be the cause.
  • ​Solutions to crying for both new and experienced parents (every baby is different).
  • ​Find out when it’s time to call your provider and what you can do at home to help.

Module 6

Returning to Work Without Losing Your Sanity

  • Why you should ignore all those “freezer stash” photos on Facebook… and how much milk you should really have on hand “just in case.”
  • ​The 3 most common pumping guidelines in an easy-to-use format.
  • Pumping Schedules So Easy Even a “Mombie” Can Do It.
  • ​How to travel if you’re pumping without “donating” your milk to the TSA.
  • ​​Secrets to maintaining your pumping equipment; even veteran moms are surprised how much more milk they get following these tips.
  • ​How to bottle-feed in a breastfeeding friendly way.
woman works on computer with her babyR

Module 7

Solutions to Special Circumstances

  • Tips to feeding a NICU baby (I hope this doesn’t happen to you, but if it does, you’re covered).
  • What to wear to the NICU and what guidelines you need to follow to keep your baby safe.
  • Exclusive pumping tips and tricks.
  • Reflux: Is it real? Does your baby have it? Alternatives to prescription medications.

Module 8

Solid Foods & Gentle Weaning

  • Preventing and managing breastfeeding behavior issues. Get your baby to stop biting, slapping, scratching, fiddling, popping on and off, tugging at your shirt in public, and holding on to your legs screaming for the boob when you’re trying to talk.
  • Introducing solid foods to your boob monster.
  • Gentle weaning for when you’re ready.
  • How to tandem nurse and satisfy both children’s needs.
woman holds her baby in a kitchen

More Happy Clients!

…I wish I would have had this with my first child. It just would have been a game changer; A lifesaver for my entire family essentially.

I’m the first one who’s really breastfed in my family and be open about it as well.

Now that I know a lot more after your class, I’m so thankful, and I know I can do this. I can rock this time! I’m so thankful for you. You did a wonderful job getting that information across.


… with my first I struggled for a few weeks and then we started supplementing, and that was that.

My mom always told me, “I was never able to breastfeed any of you kids.”

She had five kids and you know, we were talking just yesterday and she said, “you know what?… If I would’ve known half the stuff that you know right now after that class, I would’ve breastfed all of you!

I was so scared before your class about supply and not having any support around me or anyone who’s ever done it. Look at us now!”


Heather has been absolutely amazing with helping our premature baby to breastfeed.

While in the hospital she had tips for ensuring our baby got the colostrum even though she was unable to latch at the time.

She is extremely knowledgeable in her field. Once we were discharged from the hospital I developed a rash on my chest that prevented me from breastfeeding.

Heather called with advice on how to keep up my milk supply while our baby was unable to breastfeed.

I cannot say enough great things and highly recommend Heather’s services! Thanks to her advice we have a happy breastfed baby!

Michelle & Lily

Don't forget! In addition to the course modules, you'll also receive:

Instant Access to Class Materials 24/7

  • Get the help you need when you need it.
  • Don’t wait for an opening at your pediatrician’s office while your issue worsens.
  • Schedule when it’s convenient for YOU.
  • Get answers to your questions before you suffer nipple pain and lose supply.

25% Off Private Lactation Consults with ME!

  • Once you purchase, you will instantly be able to access all of the class materials in our private membership area. Materials are available 24/7 and you will be able to find and reference any questions easily.

Exclusive Access to My 4-Step Method to Maximizing Your Pumping Output.

  • Get your pump ready for work! Do you have all the stuff you need?
  • Find out how to get your pump seamlessly through insurance. No phone calls required!
  • Achieve your optimum output for your baby and feel confident about what you pump.
  • Troubleshoot your pump like a pro if your output drops. Don’t worry, get pumpy!

And all for the cost of 3 weeks of formula!

And remember...

We got this.


woman smiles down at her baby

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Let Me Get In There!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I haven't had my baby yet?

This is a fantastic class for you if you're currently pregnant and planning to breastfeed. We will review some common lactation obstacles that happen during labor & delivery, and how to avoid them. You'll walk away confident in your plan, and be able to reach out for support in the private Facebook group if you encounter obstacles on or after your baby's birthday.

I tried to breastfeed with a previous baby, but it didn't work. Can Feed Your Baby University help me?

Yes! It may surprise you, but many of the parents seeking lactation help in my private practice are not first time mothers. It would be my honor to help you reach your goals with your new little.

What are your qualifications for teaching this course?

I am an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM) and Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). My experience encompasses thousands of hours of labor and delivery, women’s health, postpartum, and lactation experience with hundreds of women.

Will this course help me if my baby is born premature?

Yes. We will have a special discussion and information for NICU babies and how to get your supply going/maintained even if you can't do skin-to-skin with baby. We also cover ways that you can advocate for breastfeeding in the NICU without disrupting the medical process.

I'm planning on only formula feeding. Is this class for me?

Probably not. This class is for people who primarily plan to breastfeed, but may need help with formula supplementation for a variety of reasons.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of the course there are no refunds.

Not ready for class?

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