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Let Heather Care for You.

I offer private lactation consults virtually or in-person at my office. Click the private consult link below to find out more! 

I offer a program called “Postpartum Bliss at Home” where you will receive 10-visits in your home postpartum shortly after your baby is born. My team of postpartum professionals will get you feeling human again in no time.

Learn with Heather

Get all the information you need from the comfort of your own home, in your sweatpants, on your own schedule with my online breastfeeding classes so you can do more than just “see how it goes” with breastfeeding.

If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, or Cigna PPO (private insurance), you could get lactation consults covered at 100% with Heather no matter where you live! They will even cover a prenatal breastfeeding education visit! Click the link below and fill out a short form to find out if you’re preapproved 💜.

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Milk Minute Podcast

Binge some of my podcast episodes so you can gain a deeper understanding of breastfeeding while on the go! Fair warning – there is some language that may not be suitable for little ears. These episodes are for you to have some YOU TIME so you can breathe a little bit of space into your life.

Already a huge fan of the Milk Minute Podcast and want to spend more time with Heather & Maureen??? Become one of our Milk Minute VIPs on Patreon and let us shower you with gifts and exclusive content! Click below to be our BFF.

I was definitely one of those women who measured my worth as a mother on my ability to exclusively breastfeed my baby or not. It was overwhelming. Heather has been a big help in keeping me relaxed, and I feel like I have a place to go to find real solutions and support.”

-Lindsey K.

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