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I offer personalized consultations for breastfeeding as well as prenatal questions about setting up for breastfeeding success.  Remember, I’m a midwife, so you can ask me all about labor & delivery as it relates to breastfeeding as well!

What to expect:

  • You schedule an appointment through my link at your convenience.
  • I will call you via phone or video (your preference) at your scheduled time.
  • We talk through the history of your current issue/question and get to the root of your problem.
  • I customize a plan to get you and/or your baby back on track and feeling confident.
  • Free text follow-ups included with purchase.
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Topics covered

Latch Issues

Supply Problems

Breastfeeding Relationship Strain

Pumping Troubleshooting

Preparing for Labor & Delivery

Breastfeeding Behavior Issues

Hear from happy mamas and babies:

happy family with two babies

I thought breastfeeding would be easier the second time around. Less than a week after my baby was born, I was engorged. My baby was hungry, and I was overwhelmed. I remembered Heather offered video consulting and tearfully made an appointment with her in the middle of the night after another exhausting attempt to feed my baby.

Heather got on a call with us the next morning and calmed my husband and I both instantly. She told us how to fix the issue, which was great, but what was even better was she taught me ways to keep my baby fed and satisfied while we corrected the problem.

Breastfeeding has since been such a wonderful experience. I am thankful to know where to turn should I experience any obstacles. My husband and I could not recommend Heather more. She is terrific to work with. She assisted with midwifery with my first son and lactation help with my second. She is a Godsend.

– Andriana


Just wanted to say thank you again for all ur advice and for taking the time to video call with me.

I’ve been doing all the things you told me and it’s helping tremendously. the pain is way more manageable and I’m using the hot compress time massage out the lumps and its starting to soften out bit by bit.

Still working with the baby on latching properly and getting good sucking but i think we’re making progress. both learning how to do this new thing lol.

– Sarah


As a tandem-nursing (18m/3y), full time working mother, I reached out to Heather for advice on maintaining my supply while removing pumping from the equation of my work week.

Wanting to continue nursing but feeling overwhelmed after three years of on/off pumping, Heather was able to support and guide me through the transition. I look forward to continuing my breastfeeding journey as it continues to evolve and change shape, and I’m so happy to know Heather is on my side should I find myself needing support in the future.

Heather is a compassionate, knowledgeable soul whom I would recommend without hesitation to anyone needing support or guidance.

– Emma

michelle holds her baby and smiles

Heather has been absolutely amazing with helping our premature baby to breastfeed.

While in the hospital she had tips for ensuring our baby got the colostrum even though she
was unable to latch at the time.

She is extremely knowledgeable in her field. Once we were discharged from the hospital I developed a rash on my chest that prevented me from breastfeeding. Heather called with advice on how to keep up my milk supply while our baby was unable to breastfeed.

I cannot say enough great things and highly recommend Heather’s services! Thanks to her advice we have a happy breastfed baby!

– Michelle & Lily

I never had any difficulty breastfeeding with my first two children, but my third was a completely different experience. He was born early and had a heart defect that made it difficult for him to nurse.

Heather helped me when my little boy was struggling to transfer enough milk from the breast. She showed me how I could continue to nurse and supplement without guilt or fear that my supply would dwindle forever.

And in the end, my littlest is now 8 months old, exclusively breastfeeding since he was six weeks old, and weighs a whopping 22 pounds!

It would not have been possible without Heather’s knowledge and support in the darkest moments when I felt hopeless. She made me feel empowered and capable, and now I feel confident I can breastfeed him as long as I want to.

– Katie


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