Private Consultations

Let's get your breastfeeding journey back on track!

  • Fix your supply issues (undersupply & oversupply)
  • Manage and overcome a failure to thrive diagnosis
  • Alleviate breastfeeding behavior issues
  • Decrease and eliminate formula supplementation
  • Troubleshoot that breast pump 
  • Make it to one year of breastfeeding- and beyond!
  • Eliminate nipple pain and poor latch problems
  • Get a REAL tongue tie assessment
  • …and more!

"I can't wait to meet you and your sweet baby!"

What to expect:

  • Schedule your in-person OR virtual consult through my link at your convenience.
  • Download the app “Mobile Lactation Consultant” to access my HIPPA compliant charting system.
  • I will meet with you at your scheduled time via video or in person (your preference) at your scheduled time.
  • We talk through the history of your current issue/question and get to the root of your problem.
  • I customize a plan to get you and/or your baby back on track and feeling confident.
  • One full follow-up included with purchase.
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These Could Be Easier…

Latch Issues

Supply Problems

Breastfeeding Relationship Strain

Pumping Troubleshooting

Preparing for Labor & Delivery

Breastfeeding Behavior Issues

Hear from happy mamas and babies:

happy family with two babies

I thought breastfeeding would be easier the second time around. Less than a week after my baby was born, I was engorged. My baby was hungry, and I was overwhelmed. I remembered Heather offered video consulting and tearfully made an appointment with her in the middle of the night after another exhausting attempt to feed my baby.

Heather got on a call with us the next morning and calmed my husband and I both instantly. She told us how to fix the issue, which was great, but what was even better was she taught me ways to keep my baby fed and satisfied while we corrected the problem.

Breastfeeding has since been such a wonderful experience. I am thankful to know where to turn should I experience any obstacles. My husband and I could not recommend Heather more. She is terrific to work with. She assisted with midwifery with my first son and lactation help with my second. She is a Godsend.

– Andriana

I never had any difficulty breastfeeding with my first two children, but my third was a completely different experience. He was born early and had a heart defect that made it difficult for him to nurse.

Heather helped me when my little boy was struggling to transfer enough milk from the breast. She showed me how I could continue to nurse and supplement without guilt or fear that my supply would dwindle forever.

And in the end, my littlest is now 8 months old, exclusively breastfeeding since he was six weeks old, and weighs a whopping 22 pounds!

It would not have been possible without Heather’s knowledge and support in the darkest moments when I felt hopeless. She made me feel empowered and capable, and now I feel confident I can breastfeed him as long as I want to.

– Katie


Bring the Ease Back to Breastfeeding

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Frequently Asked Questions

I do not accept insurance at this time. However, you are welcome to pay with an HSA or FSA. The cash-option allows me to spend more time with you and treat you the way you need to be treated. Insurance is very limiting on what they will cover when it comes to time and follow-ups.

As an internationally board certified lactation consultant, I am able to meet with anyone virtually no matter where they live. Also, as an advanced practice nurse, I am able to treat across state lines due to the emergency order from the covid-19 pandemic.

My office is located in the lower level of the historic Seneca Center at 709 Beechurst Ave. Suite 8 Morgantown, WV 26505.

If you are able to find an opening on my schedule for the same day, I will gladly see you. However, if it’s short notice it might have to be a virtual meeting depending on my schedule for the day.

I support collaboration 100%! I will gladly fax a report of our consult and customized plan to your pediatrician through my HIPPA compliant charting system to keep them in the loop. If your pediatrician would like to call me I would be fine with that as well.

Yes. I can absolutely prescribe for your breastfeeding related issues. Most commonly, I prescribe antibiotics for mastitis or antifungals for yeast. If you have a compounding pharmacy near you, I can also prescribe all-purpose-nipple-ointment. I will not prescribe opiates or medications outside of the bounds of our breastfeeding consultation.

Absolutely. I have been doing virtual consults for over two years with great success. Most issues can be resolved virtually! It is helpful to have a partner or support person nearby to assist with camera placement.

If none of my available times work within your schedule I would be happy to make an accommodation. Please email me directly so I can open an alternative spot for you: [email protected]

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