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The Oblivious

Thank you for taking my Partner’s Breastfeeding Personality Quiz!

Based on your results, it seems like your partner might turn into the Oblivious!

I’ve used my experience as a Nurse-Midwife and IBCLC to customize the four personality types that I see most often and the challenges that come with each. There are ways to manage each personality type in order to optimize your breastfeeding journey. A little planning can prevent you from giving your partner the “pillow treatment” when they aren’t doing the right things to help!

Read below for my tips to manage your Oblivious partner ?.

Yea, I’ve seen it a million times… the oblivious partner. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to kick the back of a recliner to tell a partner that their baby is “about to be born!


Here’s the thing… I truly believe that most of the time these oblivious partners are disconnected, because it’s a coping mechanism. When they feel completely out of their depth in an area of life, they detach and focus their attention on things they CAN control. I’m not kidding you when I tell you that one time a husband left in the middle of labor to go get his oil changed!


In my experience as a midwife and lactation consultant, I can tell you that the best way to handle this is to educate partners prenatally. Let your partner know that it’s “ok to not be an expert” and that you want to give each other ALL THE GRACE IN THE WORLD as you figure it out together.


I’m very big on including partners in all of my breastfeeding classes to give them actionable/tangible tips for helping you to breastfeed. The research shows that the more partners help with breastfeeding, the more they WANT to help with breastfeeding. Also, you are much more likely to make it beyond 6-months of nursing your baby if you have a partner who is supportive of breastfeeding.


I have all the resources you need to get started in my Breastfeeding Basics course. I promise it’s really fun, but most importantly… it’s thorough and evidence-based. Click the button below to enjoy your breastfeeding journey!