Heather's Nursing/Pumping Bra Recommendations!

Remember shopping at Victoria’s Secret? So many colors, textures, and… promises.

This ain’t that.

Lactating brings a whole new level to shopping for the breasts that you have come to know and respect. They are serving a functional purpose now and are no longer ornamental. The bras that you need really only need to be dark in color, simple in texture, and hold the promise of keeping everything where it needs to be… unless of course you need to let them out to feed. It’s a whole situation.

I do not recommend that you purchase a whole drawer of bras right now. Your breasts will grow throughout your pregnancy (yes, they get bigger) AND your ribs get wider. This growth happens due to glandular breast tissue increasing in size in preparation to make milk. The rib expansion occurs in order to make room for a baby AND breathing. Breathing is important.

Also, a few days after birth your milk will “come in” and you will typically have more than you need. Your body tends to make a bit extra to make sure baby has enough and then down-regulate as baby nurses. This regulation takes a couple weeks before things find their normal size and shape.

Therefore, I recommend that you purchase two bras right now. I highly recommend that they are both black (or dark in color) and in two different sizes. I would purchase the first bra based on your breast size at 36 weeks to use in the immediate postpartum. Then, the second bra should be a size up from that first one and be your day 4-5 postpartum bra when your boobs are giant. Please do not squeeze your milky boobs into a bra that is too small! They need to be comfortable in order to make the milk and prevent mastitis!

If you plan to wear one of these bras during labor, it will be helpful for you to get one that unclasps in the front. This will allow for immediate skin to skin after birth and easy access to your chest regardless of epidural placement or how tangled you are in IV tubing or fetal monitor cords.

Here are a list of bras that have been recommended in the group and for what breast type *affiliate links included at no extra cost to you*.

Labor Bra

Fruit of the Loom Front Close Bra- Wear this ugly, comfy, cheap bra for labor and throw it away later if you want! A black one to get all bloody and nasty during delivery and then a white one for the first night postpartum where you will probably have it unclipped all night/day. Then, transition to your more traditional nursing bra.


Large Breasts

The Suekaphin Nursing Bra 5-pack wireless with extra extenders.– This is great for sleeping or banging around the house and offers adjustable support.

Motherhood Maternity Wrap Front Nursing Sleep bra– Fantastically comfortable for sleeping and just whipping your boob out. Not a tonnnn of support but very comfy.

Motherhood Maternity Women’s Maternity Full Busted Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra– This is a fantastic bra for every day wear no matter what your bra size! I swore by these!

Kindred Bravely- Simply Sublime Seamless Nursing Bra for F, G, H, I Cup- These are great every day bras for a larger cup size!

Pumping & Nursing Combo

The Dairy Fairy- Ayla Luxury Lace Nursing and Handsfree Pumping Bra– This one is fantastic for when you go back to work and need to be business casual. It can help you to feel more “put together” and less like a milk machine. This one does have an underwire so pay attention to how your breasts feel. Underwire can put you at risk for mastitis.

The Dairy Fairy- Rose Hands-Free Pumping/Nursing Bra- Most comfy nursing/pumping bra, no underwire and true to size!

Kindred Bravely Sublime Hands-free Pumping Tank- This is GREAT for those of you who don’t have breasts so large that you need a ton of support. I wore these tanks constantly with little sweaters over them. Dress them up or down. Easy for pumping at work as well.

Every Day Wear

Bravado Designs Original Full Cup Nursing Bra- My favorite all-day every day nursing bra. Group members seem to feel they are true to size.

Kindred Bravely French Terry Raceback Nursing Sleep Bra- My favorite every night bra for sleeping and feeding.

Cosabella Women’s Evolution Curvy Bralette- This one is actually NOT a nursing bra, but supportive, pretty, and easy to pull down to feed. Great for people like me who wear their nursing bras wellll beyond lactating haha.

Ok! Whew. Happy Bra Shopping!

Speaking of… make sure you open tomorrow’s email and use it to add helpful breastfeeding items to your baby registry. I’ll show you exactly what you need and no more!