The Milk Minute


The Milk Minute Podcast is a weekly production where Heather ONeal, CNM, IBCLC and Maureen Farrell, CLC, DEM, bring you practical breastfeeding tips in a fun and dynamic podcast.

Through our work in our communities in West Virginia, (where the breastfeeding rate is well below the national average) we have seen a real need for easy-access lactation support. Its our goal to make lactation information accessible and easy to listen to.

We firmly believe that breastfeeding is a human right, and that everyone who chooses to lactate should get the help they need. We know that its hard for some folks to find lactation professionals in their community, and that some people simply don’t have the means to access those resources. So here we are, just two boobs who love to talk about human milk, asking for your support so that more people can breastfeed successfully!

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