Breastfeeding for Busy Moms Handbook

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Prefer reading to watching? This 69-page ebook with all my best tips from pregnancy to weaning (including how to supplement SMART) is for you!

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Afraid you will forget how to breastfeed the minute your baby pops out?  Get my ebook so you can access troubleshooting info anytime!  This resource goes much deeper than my Breastfeeding Basics course and is an excellent supplement for people that have already taken a class.  Some parents like to print this out and bring it to the hospital with them or keep it on the table next to their nursing station.  It’s like having a lactation consultant in your pocket!

This eBook can be used as a supplemental reference to my courses or as a stand-alone guide. The layout reads like a magazine with helpful graphics and checklists to help you feed your baby like a boss. In addition to e-reading, the frequently-needed resource pages are meant to be printed out and used as a step-by-step guide on your nursing journey. Some of my patients have even printed out the entire thing and brought it to the hospital with them, then kept it on their nightstand as a reference when baby came home!

1 review for Breastfeeding for Busy Moms Handbook

  1. Jen

    This is an incredibly comprehensive guide to breastfeeding that covers pregnancy and your first latch all the way through weaning. I love that it’s broken into sections so it’s easy to go back and reference when needed, I am a visual learner so I found the illustrations used throughout the guide to be extremely helpful.

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